Don't Pay More Than Your Fair Share of Taxes

We'll claim the tax breaks you qualify for to help you save money

Uncle Sam doesn't always withhold the exact amount you owe - sometimes he takes more than his fair share of taxes. By working with a certified tax preparer in your community, you can get more of your hard-earned money back after filing your income tax return.

Compared with the leading private tax preparation companies, Bookworm Bookkeeping & Tax Services offers more personalized service at lower rates. That means for a small fee, you can...

  • Ask us anything about filing your tax return
  • Avoid filing your income taxes yourself
  • Get tips to reduce your tax burden

Will you get a substantial refund this tax season? Find out during your free consultation - call 563-554-4186 now to make an appointment.

Use your refund for something fun

Want to travel somewhere exotic or remodel your home? If you get a substantial refund, you can put the money toward your goals.

We'll do our best to reduce your tax liability so you can plan for future fun. Outsource your tax preparation to Bookworm Bookkeeping & Tax Services today.